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In Memoriam

Our esteemed colleague Don Heath passed away unexpectedly last weekend. He is survived by his wife and their two children…


Norma´s Oryx; The best bullet for tough game?


”The first bullets were lead balls. Now they’re complex missiles, most with multiple parts. Alloys of specific purpose ease their passage through rifle barrels and determine their upset in game. Jackets and cores are bonded – or not. Some bullets have no cores. Some wear polymer tips. Shank, ogive and nose designs reflect desired cartridge length, trajectory and terminal performance. Here’s a quick look at one of the most celebrated big game bullets, and a history it shares with many others.”

Read Wayne van Zvoll´s article about the Norma Oryx >>

Is Match Ammo Worth It? - Shooting Illustrated


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Written By: Richard Mann

Norma Launches Ballistic App with Updated G7 Long Distance Function

USA PRESS RELEASE G7 2015 The Norma ballistic App has been upgraded to include the long distance ballistic calculator G7. It is developed to calculate and deliver accurate data for long distance shooting requested by long range shooters and Norma customers from all over the world.

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Norma Precision Signs as SCI Corporate Sponsor

SCInews Safari Club International is pleased to welcome Norma Ammunition as a new corporate sponsor. "Norma's international reputation for quality and dependability is a perfect reflection of the ideals and commitment of SCI to preserving our hunting heritage," said Phil DeLone CEO of Safari Club International.

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Norma Reprises African Success with American Line

Screen Shot 2015 04 30 at 7.50.49 AM Reprinted Courtesy of Wolfe Publishing Company

The most remarkable ammunition success in recent years is Norma's African PH line, introduced in 2007.

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Featured Hunter - "Jay Sheffield"


Twenty eight days. That¹s how long I had been hunting for a bull moose in one of the limited draw areas of northwest Montana. During that time I had traveled literally hundreds of miles, walked dozens of trails and sat for hours on a number of lakes, ponds and bog areas, all without seeing a single moose! It had taken me eleven years to draw one of the twelve tags available for this area and I was devoting every possible minute to getting it filled.

On morning twenty nine I left my house early, determined to be sitting at a promising little pond before the sun came up


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Norma-USA® Announces the #1 Precision Reloading Guide

Reloading Manual 3D Standing

The Norma Reloading Manual – the Expanded Edition Now Available

Norma- USA®, the exclusive US distributor for the legendary Swedish manufacturer ofsuperior hunting and target ammunition, announces the new Norma Reloading Manual Expanded Edition.

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Nice Write up on Norma from Midsouth blog page

Norma Target and Match 22 LR Ammo, Top Performance in 22 Long Rifle
“Norma USA is known as a premium brand, both for their ammunition, as well as their components. More recently, they've been one of the few brands to consistently provide the market with 22LR ammunition. Many folks have been forced to participate in this brand transition, simply based on availability. What's amazing is the consistency seen, even after many of the bulk 22LR have resurfaced, as demand has slackened. Norma USA has even went a step further, offering a match grade 22LR, in their MATCH-22…”

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Catch Worldwide Adventures with Colorado Buck

CB Background

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Norma Oryx:

Norma Kalahari: