Norma USA Introduces TAC and MATCH Ammunition Series

Norma USA introduced some new rimfire and centerfire ammunitions The TAC-22 rimfire is a reasonably priced high quality 22 Long Rifle ammunition. With its 40-grain lead round nose bullet has a target velocity of 1066 FPS with target energy of 110 ft. lbs.

In the centerfire range, new for 2014 are TAC-223/Tac-308 and Match -223/Match-308 and ammunitions. TAC ammos are loaded with full metal jacket boat tails for accurate shooting, flat trajectory and are suitable both for practice and competition. Bullet weight is 55 grs. for .223 Remington and 150 grs. for .308 Winchester.

Match ammos are loaded with Sierra’s Match King bullets for the highest accuracy. This hollow point boat tail weights 77 grs. for .223 Remington and 168 grains for .308 Winchester. Its state of arte tolerances ensure record breaking accuracy on the range.

The Norma USA products will only be distributed on the U.S. market; estimated availability dates to March 2014 for the TAC-22 loads, and farther in the year for the centerfire loads.

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