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416 Rigby Norma Load

416 block 249x190

There is a reason we are called Norma Precision!  Norma outperforms & factory loads, the accuracy is fantastic, and with a standard deviation of 7 feet per second- there is none better! What’s in your ammo pouch??
Read about 416 Rigby Norma Load.  Tested in the Ruger 77 Magnum it was the most consistent of seven factory loads.

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No doubt about Tac-22

stories trent 249x190Read Steel Challenge World Champion Trenton Mitsuokas testimonial.





Norma Precision was recognized at the 2016 NSSF Shot Show

PaulErik redNorma Precision was recognized at the 2016 NSSF Shot Show and awarded the Prestigious “ Award of Excellence” by Sporting Classic  Magazine.

Making the presentation for Sporting Classics Magazine was   Ron Spoomer , 2016  receipitant of the Outdoor Writers
Association "Grits Gresham award”.

“Sporting Classics makes this prestigious award annually to companies who demonstrate excellence in the hunting category, Said Spoomer,." Norma with its outstanding reputation for premium brass cases , has established its place among the Premier industry leaders with introductions of Profession Hunter ammunition for American hunters as well as the Safari Line-up found in their African PH line “.

Accepting the award,  Norma Precision Managing Director Paul-Erik Toivo committed Norma” to continued expansion and growth in the US market and reiterated Norma’s commitment to be the" precision leader”

We welcome the Shot Show attendees to our booth No. 14279.

Norma´s Oryx; The best bullet for tough game?


”The first bullets were lead balls. Now they’re complex missiles, most with multiple parts. Alloys of specific purpose ease their passage through rifle barrels and determine their upset in game. Jackets and cores are bonded – or not. Some bullets have no cores. Some wear polymer tips. Shank, ogive and nose designs reflect desired cartridge length, trajectory and terminal performance. Here’s a quick look at one of the most celebrated big game bullets, and a history it shares with many others.”

Read Wayne van Zvoll´s article about the Norma Oryx >>

Host Tom Opre and Hunter of Eye TV series featuring Norma ammo for Colorado bucks!

Is Match Ammo Worth It? - Shooting Illustrated


Read the full Shooting Illustrated article at: http://www.shootingillustrated.com/articles/2015/10/7/is-match-ammo-worth-it/

Written By: Richard Mann

Nice Write up on Norma from Midsouth blog page

Norma Target and Match 22 LR Ammo, Top Performance in 22 Long Rifle
“Norma USA is known as a premium brand, both for their ammunition, as well as their components. More recently, they've been one of the few brands to consistently provide the market with 22LR ammunition. Many folks have been forced to participate in this brand transition, simply based on availability. What's amazing is the consistency seen, even after many of the bulk 22LR have resurfaced, as demand has slackened. Norma USA has even went a step further, offering a match grade 22LR, in their MATCH-22…”

Check out the complete blog post here

Colroado Buck hanging out at the Norma Booth at Shot Show

colorado ECO

Colorado Buck hanging out at the Norma Booth at Shot Show checking out the new line of ECO STRIKE Ammunition!
Read More at: https://www.norma.cc/us/Products/our-brands/norma-strike/ecostrike---rethinking-impact/

World Champion Trenton Mitsuoka

Sweaty Buffalo



“ A great story of an exciting, ethical and a perfect ending of an African Buffalo hunt” Read the winning entry in Norma’s Safari Club International “Win a Hunt” contest 2016, by Ted Shogen – Hunting Cape Buffalo in Mozambique. As the winner Ted will join Team Norma on a Red Stag and Driven Boar Hunt in Chec Republic!


Norma-USA® Announces the #1 Precision Reloading Guide

Reloading Manual 3D Standing

The Norma Reloading Manual – the Expanded Edition Now Available

Norma- USA®, the exclusive US distributor for the legendary Swedish manufacturer ofsuperior hunting and target ammunition, announces the new Norma Reloading Manual Expanded Edition.

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Featured Hunter - "Raquel"


Raquel took this great 200 plus inch Muley with Normas American PH ammo!!” The Oryx bullet was perfect on this one shot kill”

News from Las Vegas

Gilbert communication award

Great news from Las Vegas! Norma received Communication Award from Safari Club International (SCI). A great award saying that we are getting our message to the consumer.







Catch Worldwide Adventures with Colorado Buck

CB Background

Catch Colorado Buck at: http://www.heycoloradobuck.com

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Norma Oryx:

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