Norma’s Oryx: best bullet for tough game? 9ExpdOryx

 ”The first bullets were lead balls. Now they’re complex missiles, most with multiple parts. Alloys of specific purpose ease their passage through rifle barrels and determine their upset in game. Jackets and cores are bonded – or not. Some bullets have no cores. Some wear polymer tips. Shank, ogive and nose designs reflect desired cartridge length, trajectory and terminal performance. Here’s a quick look at one of the most celebrated big game bullets, and a history it shares with many others”.

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Waynes captions:
1 – Wayne thinks the .308 Norma, circa 1960, a fine .30 magnum – ideally with a 180 Oryx at 3,000 fps.
2 – Namesake of the bullet, the oryx, or gemsbok, is a big, tough antelope. But no match for Oryx bullets.
3 – In southern Africa this Blaser R93 in .375 did its best work with Norma loads, 300-grain Oryx bullets.
4 – It lacks a sharp nose; but Oryx shoots flat (courtesy a long ogive) and upsets reliably on distant deer.
5 – Costly hunt? Pick an accurate bullet that opens and drives deep across a wide range of impact speeds.
6 – Beasts as big as Cape buffalo have succumbed to Oryx. It plows through heavy bone and muscle.
7 – Tested on Swedish moose and African game, Oryx is becoming popular stateside, even on the prairie.
8 – Wayne likes this load in his .358 Norma, a modified Mauser. An elk at 300 yards folded instantly.
9 – A broad mushroom and intact core/heel bond. This bullet drove through hard going, double-diameter.
10 – Elk hunting, shots can come around the next tree or across a canyon. Oryx performs at all ranges.
11 – Norma loads Oryx in more than 30 cartridges, including .22 and 6mm rounds for game like impala.
12 – Nothing proves a bullet like antlers on a pack horse! Oryx ranks among the best bullets for elk.
13 – While introduced in traditional rounds, Oryx now appears in WSMs and other recent U.S. cartridges.
14 – Open country needn’t mean quarter-mile shots. Most prairie game falls between 100 and 300 yards.
15 – Wherever hunters gather, talk turns to bullets. Oryx gets plaudits from riflemen who’ve used it.
16 – Accuracy? Not a match bullet, the deep-driving Oryx has delivered sub-minute groups for Wayne.
17 – This heavy-horned oryx fell to one Oryx and didn’t twitch. The bullet retained 90 % of its weight.
18 – A versatile big game round for single-shot rifles, the veteran 9.3x74 is deadliest with a 285-gr. Oryx.