416 Rigby Norma Load



The 416 Rigby Norma load was the most consistent of the seven factory loads tested:  Tested in the Ruger 77 Magnum, this load launched the 450-grain Woodleigh bullet at 2170 fps (muzzle velocity), precisely as advertised.  Standard deviation for six shots was 7 fps.  Both 3-shot groups were similar in size. I am quite sure that this gun and load will shoot smaller groups than I can manage using the recoil-discomfort minimizing rest system I employed for this testing.  Most importantly, at 100 yards, this load shot only about 13Ž4-inches lower than the average for nineteentested handloads and six other tested factory loads, all loaded with 400- and 410-grain bullets.

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normasolid block 440x400

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