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I’d like to thank Norma-USA for developing this ammunition and making it in quantities that have kept it available in the current marketplace. I believe that Norma Tac-22’s played a signifcant role in my competition successes and I will be using them exclusively for my future competitions.


I depend on Norma Tac-22. They have proven to be reliable, fast and accurate -Championship level competition ammo. World championships are won with good and lost with bad ammo. Tac-22 is a winner. Some people may be concerned with the higher price than bulk ammo, but what value can you put on failure proof function! After fying across country to compete, I would pay just about any amount for the guarantee my ammo would work every time. Norma's Tac-22 has outstanding ignition. It goes bang every time and that's more than half the battle.


For speed shooting competitions, accurate ammunition is critical. It doesn't matter how fast you can shoot if you can't hit anything. By using Norma Tac-22, I can count on my lead going exactly where I want. I never have any doubt about Tac-22's accuracy.


Tac-22 is fast out of my compensated rifle. It is subsonic and “light”, not like other brands that are “hot” and cause more recoil and slower splits (time between shots). With Tac-22, I can shoot fast. Together, we have won a world title at the 2015 USPSA World Speed Shooting Championships, also known as The Steel Challenge.


//Trenton Mitsuoka
Steel Challenge World Champion, Rimfre Rife Open Division

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