American Hunter Accuracy Test

“Check out how the Norma Oryx bullet did in the accuracy test by American Hunter. With their permission, we have provided you the link to the article: Norma Oryx in Accuracy Test by American Hunter”



Norma Reprises African Success with American Line

Screen Shot 2014-08-21 at 7.42.56 PMReprinted Courtesy of Wolfe Publishing Company

The most remarkable ammunition success in recent years is Norma's African PH line, introduced in 2007. Intended originally as a "prestige item," it quickly took off, spurred by rave reviews from professional hunters, writers and safari clients.

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Norma-USA® Announces: Ballistics App Now Available Free for Android Platforms

APP blackdesign androidNorma Ballistics App For Android

The Norma Ballistics App is now available as a free download for Android platsforms. It includes a ballistic calculator, a product overview, reloading data and a customer survey. Please find us on Facebook or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. to give us your opinions on how it works.







Norma-USA® Announces the #1 Precision Reloading Guide

Reloading Manual 3D StandingThe Norma Reloading Manual – the Expanded Edition Now Available

Norma- USA®, the exclusive US distributor for the legendary Swedish manufacturer ofsuperior hunting and target ammunition, announces the new Norma Reloading Manual Expanded Edition. As part of Norma’s 110 years in the ammunition industry, Norma is publishing their second reloading handbook for the beginner to the advanced handloader. This highly collectible volume has been updated with new cartridges, components and recipes for avid hunters to dedicated target shooters.

The Norma Reloading Manual Expanded Edition offers every handloader enthusiast the history behind the Norma brand, plenty of solidly backed advice and loads; all using Norma bullets and powders. This unique and collectible edition will become the go-to reference book on every loading bench.

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Snapshots From A Polish Hunting Excursion

Poland might lack in structural and societal wealth, but it flourishes with a variety of well-managed wild game and prime hunting opportunities.

The complimentary adult beverages and in-flight movies aren't doing the trick. I can’t sleep a wink. Is it the jitters of my first overseas flight? Is it the uncertainty of visiting a completely foreign territory? Maybe it’s the anxiety of not knowing how I’ll interact with a bunch of Frenchmen and Swedes I've never met. Nope. I’m riding a high of adrenaline-rich anticipation, knowing the next sunrise I’ll see will be in the vast, game-rich landscape of Poland—whatever that looks like.

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POSTED BY: Josh Dahlke at North American Hunter
May 30, 2012

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