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Snapshots From A Polish Hunting Excursion

Poland might lack in structural and societal wealth, but it flourishes with a variety of well-managed wild game and prime hunting opportunities.

The complimentary adult beverages and in-flight movies aren't doing the trick. I can’t sleep a wink. Is it the jitters of my first overseas flight? Is it the uncertainty of visiting a completely foreign territory? Maybe it’s the anxiety of not knowing how I’ll interact with a bunch of Frenchmen and Swedes I've never met. Nope. I’m riding a high of adrenaline-rich anticipation, knowing the next sunrise I’ll see will be in the vast, game-rich landscape of Poland—whatever that looks like.

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POSTED BY: Josh Dahlke at North American Hunter
May 30, 2012

Norma Ammo Beefs-Up American Presence

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Norma Precision has long been a household name in Europe and Africa for hunters who demand superbly premium ammunition for taking big- and dangerous-game animals. Having traveled to Poland last fall for a wild boar, red deer and roe deer hunt (full story to come), I can say from experience that Norma ammo is regarded like gold shillings by serious riflemen overseas.

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Norma Ballistics Testing Video

Norma Ballistics Department testing 270 WSM Oryx 9.7 g / 150 gr


Shot Show 2012 - Norma-USA

"North American Hunter's" Josh Dahlke visits with Ron Petty from Norma Ammunition to discuss Norma new line of American-branded ammo -- Norma USA.

Norma PPC Brass -- Murdica Test Report

Respected Benchrest Shooter Lou Murdica tested the latest NORMA 6PPC USA brass -- new for 2010. Lou reports the new brass is excellent, showing great accuracy and good ability to handle pressure. The Norma PPC brass has thinner necks than Lapua 220 Russian cases, but that doesn't affect performance. Lou reports this new brass will "be highly competitive in the Benchrest World."

*Courtesy of AccurateShooter.com

Introduction To Norma-USA:

Norma Oryx:

Norma Kalahari: