Traditions are very different around the world. And why not? This is the kind of thing that makes other cultures so interesting. Sure enough, this is also true for hunting. 
 For instance, Americans often use lighter bullets and higher muzzle velocity. Average ranges are also longer. Europeans traditionally use heavier bullets and moderate velocities. They shoot at shorter ranges. This has a direct effect on the choice of bullets, Stateside and in Europe.
 Bullets striking at high velocity need to be tougher to hold together. So, for instance, a copper bullet is more suited for flat & fast shooting than traditional soft noses.

American PH


Norma Precision, that defines the quality of components and loading selected for Norma´s American PH lineup. Production starts with the  highest quality brass cases available in the industry, combines that with Norma powder and bullets specifically selected for North American big game.
It´s the professional´s choice for today´s precision grade ammunition. We offer a complete lineup for all your choice calibers.
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African PH

African PH

The concept behind Norma’s AFRICAN PH range is different. Based on many generations of experience of reputable African Professional Hunters, this range of cartridges has been developed with the aim to optimize ballistic criteria such as Bullet Momentum, Sectional Density and Deep, Straight-line, Bone-breaking Penetration. These factors in turn, are responsible for KO or Knock Out Value, probably the most important ballistic criterion of all, for stopping a determined charge from one of Africa’s Big Five.

Norma 6.5 Creedmoor 130 grain Hybrid Target

6 5 creedmoor










Bullet Weight
Grains   Grams 
FT per Second
Height of Tajectory above line of sight
if sighted in at * yardsfor sights 1.6 inches above bore.

100     200     300     400     500     600  Yards
Wind Drift in Inches
for 10 mph cross wind

300         600
6.5 Creedmoor  Norma
Hybrid Target
Coming Soon
0.5836  130        8.42 24"  2851 fps    *       -4       -12      -24     -42      -65
   4        4          *        -9     -23      -43
 6.11       26.70

Norma Solids

NormaSolid block 440x400

Designed solely for the toughest game on earth, where maximum penetration is critical to reach vital organs from any angle, and to keep the hunter out of harm’s way.

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