American PH

Norma-ELK-Box-3D-and-AMMO-smallTraditions are very different around the world. And why not? This is the kind of thing that makes other cultures so interesting. Sure enough, this is also true for hunting.

For instance, Americans often use lighter bullets and higher muzzle velocity. Average ranges are also longer. Europeans traditionally use heavier bullets and moderate velocities. They shoot at shorter ranges. This has a direct effect on the choice of bullets, Stateside and in Europe.

African PH

The concept behind Norma’s AFRICAN PH range is different. Based on many generations of experience of reputable African Professional Hunters, this range of cartridges has been developed with the aim to optimize ballistic criteria such as Bullet Momentum, Sectional Density and Deep, Straight-line, Bone-breaking Penetration. These factors in turn, are responsible for KO or Knock Out Value, probably the most important ballistic criterion of all, for stopping a determined charge from one of Africa’s Big Five.

Introduction To Norma-USA:

Norma Oryx:

Norma Kalahari:

It african-huntingwas one among four Dagga Boys I selected.

It was looking aggressively at me in upfront position with a bit of body tilt. The distance was about 70 yards. I had put in Norma Oryx 300 grain as first shot in my 375 H&H rifle magazine (for maximum damage in boiler room) and remaining two Federal Premium Cape Shock 300 grain, Flat Nose Solid bullets for follow-up.

I shot him on front upper edge of the left shoulder hoping Norma Oryx to pierce through making a maximum wound channel through the lungs, thus causing lot of bleeding. (I was hesitant to shoot at the heart from that angle with an expanding bullet). Upon impact, it jumped, turned and started staggering. I put second shot but it was unnecessary as it had already fallen down, with blood oozing from the nostrils.

When we cut his body open to check, I was pleasantly amazed to see that Norma Oryx bullet pierced through the shoulder blade, broken a rib, made a huge wound channel rupturing through the lung and got stuck in rumen. Only one petal was stuck around the rib and rest of the bullet was intact with a proper mushroom.

As I wrote earlier that I am not ballistic expert but now I strongly believe that;

1- Norma Oryx 300 grain bullet has enough penetration and expansion to bring down 850 kg Cape buffalo.

2- 375 H&H is enough caliber to bring down cape buffalo with a premium expanding bullet.

3- Proper shot placement is the single most important key factor to bring down buffalo, with a single shot.

Your Norma Oryx has made me your ambassador